Mecal Restyling Pneumatic Miniapplicator

The pneumatic feed Restyling applicator is designed for larger terminals which present more of a challenge for feeding, or for a larger pitch components. The Restyling applicator can handle conductor sizes up to 10mm². It is especially popular for handling moulded pre-insulated terminals in red, blue and yellow.
A restyled mini-applicator
Mecal quality and reliability
Pneumatic feeding
Pad setting or continuous regulation
Non-resettable 7 digit counter
For Auto or bench applications
Comprehensive operators manual
Capability studies available
Cross sectional pictures of crimp available
Anvil can be replaced without removing tool from press
2 part anvil means only the worn part gets changed
Thicker base plate – more rigid
Crimpers can be replaced without removal of the ram from the tool or the tool from the press
User friendly terminal pitch and position adjustment
Produced under a quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 (TÜV).

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