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Crimping Applicators – Mecal

Press Crimp Applicators - Mecal Leadmaker have proudly been supplying Mecal crimp applicators and their spare parts to the cable processing industry for over 20 years. Mecal, with consistent lead times and a high-quality manufacturing process, they have gained a reputation of building some the best crimp applying tools in the industry. Simple to set up and install, it gives…

Mecal Crimp Applicator Spares

Replacement parts become necessary when using crimping tools. Over time parts can wear leading to reduced quality, poor crimping and inconsistent results. Furthermore, breakages can lead to loss of production and expensive downtime. We hold many common parts in stock for Mecal tools including crimpers, anvils, floating shears, holders and depressors.

Mecal Evolution Crimping Miniapplicator

Our best selling applicators - the Mecal Evolution miniapplicator from Mecal will suit most standard side and rear feed terminals, typically up to 6mm². A special tool is also available for certain terminals such as central carrier strip and double carrier strip versions of terminal. The Mecal Evolution miniapplicator can also be customized for use in different situations, such as…

Mecal Restyling Pneumatic Miniapplicator

The pneumatic feed Restyling applicator is designed for larger terminals which present more of a challenge for feeding, or for a larger pitch components. The Restyling applicator can handle conductor sizes up to 10mm². It is especially popular for handling moulded pre-insulated terminals in red, blue and yellow.