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WDT  UP60 Pneumatic Crimper





WDT Article-No. 0481-03000

The pneumatic universal machine with more power and a handy quick-exchange system!

Due to its controlled back stroke, this machine guarantees short cycle times with reduced energy consumption. With its modern and ergonomic design, the UP60 is suited for long-term use. A multitude of application possibilities is available. With the new quick exchange system for the adapters, the most diverse applications can quickly be implemented. To avoid failures while using the machine, it is equipped with a LED illumination of the working area.

Furthermore, this model is equipped with a sequence control system as well as an electronic work piece counter.

Basic Equipment
• Electronic Piece Counter
• Pneumatic Foot Pedal
• Air Hoses
• Tool Kit

Technical Data
Crimp Force: 75 kN at 6 bar
Air Pressure: max. 6 bar /87 psi
Air Consumption at a stroke of 10mm Hub: 17,1l
Air Consumption at a stroke of 32mm Hub: 55l
Opening Dimension: stroke min. 10mm, stroke max. 32mm
Noise Level: 69 dB(A)
Dimensions: 540x260x515 mm
Weight: 60kg

Suitable Adapters: 


  for mounting the WEZAG CK 100/CS 30 crimping die sets


  for mounting the WDT crimping die sets

 U-Die Adapter

  for mounting half-shell die sets

 EHC 10 Adapter

  for mounting:
- hexagonal dies acc. to DIN 48083 or similar DIN
- round crimping die sets to round CU and AL sector cables
- crimping die sets for H-tab terminals
- crimping die sets for cable lugs acc. to DIN 46234
- crimping die sets for the application of claw terminals
- crimping die sets for the application of wire end ferrules

Heavy Duty Adapter
 for mounting the double W crimping dies 6-120mm² acc. to DIN 48083


The pneumatic universal machine UP 60 complies with the EU-Guideline 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) and is CE compliant.


Product Details
With GAP-WEZAG Adapter: Here you will find suitable die sets for this adapter.
With EHC 10 Adapter: Here you will find suitable die sets.
With U-Die Adapter: Here you will find suitable die sets.