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Mecal MK MIL Crimp Applicator for Small Turned Pin Contacts




The MK miniapplicator has been designed to crimp loose piece terminals for different wire sections (to be evaluated with terminal specifications or samples). The crimping type is radial over 4 points arranged at 90 and the application is manual. The terminals have a closed barrel crimping area. The MK miniapplicator can fit on all Mecal presses. The replacement of the spare parts and the principal adjustments are very easy. The miniapplicator is supplied with the piece counter. For the crimping height variation it can be supplied either with a continuous or a four pad regulation head. It is possible to adjust the position of the 4 indipendent crimpers which allows to obtain a perfect centering during the crimping. MK miniapplicator is supplied with a complete technical documentation containing all the information needed to safely use and correctly maintain the equipment. Upon request a capability study including a picture of a sectioned crimped terminal, can be performed.








40/30mm (1,575/1,18")  
not binding  
Da valutare tipologia contatto  
5,2 (11,5)