Sigma 688 ST

The Sigma 688 ST enables a fully automated overall process from processing and twisting to spot taping the open wire ends. It is the first automated solution to fulfill OEM quality requirements for UTP (unshielded twisted pairs) spot taped in the fully automatic twisting machine. Economically integrated and automated, it enables processing of two single wires (bulk goods) in a single step. At the same time, the modular system structure offers maximum flexibility with six stations for process modules as well as a twisting process and a spot taping unit consisting of two spot taping modules.

Reproducible OEM quality thanks to integrated spot taping

For UTP wires for applications with high data transfer speeds (CAN FD, FlexRay or 100 MBit/s Ethernet), OEMs demands the spot taping of open wire ends for quality reasons. This prevents the unintended opening of the ends in downstream logistics steps or during manual insertion processes. For the first time, the Sigma 688 ST enables fully automated processing including double-sided spot taping at the first intersection point. This ensures reproducible quality with high performance. Proven and innovative quality monitoring systems ensure OEM-compliant quality and precision.

The perfect process for the perfect wire

Fully automated processing including twisting and spot taping enhances product security and stability. Precision spot taping is executed while the UTP wires are held in place by the grippers of the twisting process. The careful wire handling guarantees damage-free articles. They can be taken out of the wire deposit ready for insertion.

Simplified logistics pay dividends

With spot-taped UTP wires, the need for further transport to a manual spot taping station is omitted. Unintended untwisting is prevented, making handling more secure. Manual spot taping is omitted, minimizing the needed floor space and resource consumption. Overall logistics costs are

Maximum flexibility and compelling options

Depending on the article, the spot taping modules can be activated or deactivated on both sides or exclusively on the right or left. The taping parameters stored for the article can be sent to the Sigma 688 ST via the WPCS (interface for data exchange between the wire processing automated machines and the ME system), which saves time. Depending on the application, the “short open ends” or “open ends standard” processing set can be selected. There are also three further optional processing sets: for long and unequal length open ends, for short lengths and for small cross sections. A variety of options for marking and quality assurance is also available. A wide selection of suitable accessories significantly boosts overall efficiency.

Optimized insertion thanks to terminal pre-orientation module X2880

For small cross sections up to 1.0 mm² and very short open ends, the optional terminal pre-orientation module X2880 can be used on one or both ends. This simplifies the subsequent block loading. The insertion process becomes faster and the risk of terminal damage is reduced, while fewer rejects and less post-processing lower costs.

Technology in the market leader’s design

The new product design of market leader Komax perfectly embodies the maximum functionality and innovative power of the Sigma 688 ST. The twisting head with AC servo drive is the heart of the unit. The integrated twist force analyzer (TFA) guarantees uniform twisting by analyzing the forces exerted during twisting and regulating the subsequent adjustment movements of the twisting head. The wire pull-out unit with integrated delta length analyzer (DLA) guarantees gentle handling of the wires as well as high length accuracy and length symmetry. This machine’s high output results from the parallel processing of the two conductors and a division of overall processing into three main processes, all optimally synchronized with each other.

Fast, secure operation and maintenance

Komax EtherCAT modules of the latest generation guarantee optimal processes. The ICS (inductive communication system) wireless power transmission system and autonomous air-pressure storage system allow the omission of the drag chain at the wire-puller carriage. The swiveling operator console enables better ergonomics with minimal space requirements. The graphical user interface on the touchscreen is user friendly for simple and fast data entry. Two-hand operation directly on the module enables the efficient setup of the crimp module. All stations are easily accessible through the upward-opening safety cover. The cover of the wire pull-out carriage of the twisting and spot taping unit also opens seamlessly in an upward direction without extending beyond the machine footprint. The spot taping unit is designed for fast tape changes and the tape can be verified with the barcode scanner. Advantages such as an oil-free compressed air supply and the consistent use of simplified hardware architecture keep maintenance costs and effort to a minimum.

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