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Insulated Ferrules


Z+F wire ferrules are manufactured in various types, colours and varying cross section sizes from 0.14 mm² to 150 mm² with varying connection lengths. The twin ferrule was first created by Z+F in 1991 and has since been an overwhelming success. Z+F is proud to hold the only patent for this innovation in the world. Due to varying requirements from customers, Z+F has developed different delivery solutions. Wire ferrules are now available in single bags, multiple bags, on reel, as belt-strips, uninsulated or in assortment boxes.


Wire Handling


Komax Mira 32

The Mira 32 electric wire stripper is the ideal entry-level model for semi-automated wire processing when hand tools no longer meet the requirements. It is designed for wires that are used in the automotive and industrial sectors and can be stripped with V-blades. The machine with setting dials can process leads with up to 4 mm outer diameter and 25 mm strip length. Single-conductor wires and inner wires of multi-core cables can be processed with full or partial stripping.

Strip standard wires quickly and electrically

Versatile use

The Mira 32 has universal V-blades, making it unnecessary to change blades. Various cross-sections for PVC, PE or PP wires with an outer diameter of up to 4 mm (AWG 12) or 3.3 mm² can be processed with a single set of blades. The machine can perform both full and partial strips and has a minimum breakout length of 14 mm, with thin grippers even 11 mm. It therefore can also strip wires for miniaturized connectors with a very short distance between jacket and crimp.

Simple operation

It takes only a few minutes to learn how to operate the machine. The cutting diameter, strip length and pull-off length can be adjusted with just three dials. A precise incision diameter can be set thanks to the large LED display with 0.01 mm resolution. Wire processing is automatically started when the wire tip touches the trigger sensor. For flexible and very thin wires, processing can also be triggered by a foot-operated switch. If necessary, an optional air jet can be supplied for cleaning.

Robust and mobile

With its integrated ergonomic carry handle and compact dimensions, the 4.5 kg machine is easy to transport. All that is needed to operate the Mira 32 is an electrical connection.


Conductor cross section

0.03 – 3.3 mm² (AWG 32 – 12)

Conductor diameter

0.2 – 3 mm

Outside diameter

0.6mm – 4mm

Strip length

1 – 25 mm

Pull-off length

2 – 25 mm

Diameter resolution

0.01 mm

Min. breakout length

With option shirt breakout length 7mm, With std grippers 14mm, With thin grippers 11mm

Blade type

Universal V-Blade


Sensor, optional foot pedal

Gripper force

Mechanically adjustable

Typical cycle time

~ 0.3 s

Electrical connection

50/60 Hz, 100 – 240 V AC, 40 VA

Compressed air connection (air jet for cleaning)

Ambient temperature for operation

5 – 40 °C

Dimensions (W × H × D)

81 x 191 x 352 mm


4.5 kg

CE conformity

Conforms to the CE directives on machine safety and elec­tromagnetic compatibility.

Core processing
Full stripping
Half stripping
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