MicroForce 80

Contact faults are often the result of crimped insulation and missing strands. To eradicate issues of this nature and guarantee complete functionality, MicroForce 80 has been designed to monitor quality for every single crimp. The test device enables the processing chain to be meticulously analyzed and the measured values to be documented. Based on these results, processes can be optimized, faulty crimps can be minimized and traceability can be guaranteed in the production process. Installing the sensor is quick and easy. MicroForce 80 combines reliable, tried-and-tested technology with high quality processing.

Guaranteeing quality precise and efficient

Incredibly efficient

  • A detailed analysis allows the crimping process to be optimized
  • Top measuring performance in defined cross-section range
  • Robust design guarantees durability

Highly productive

  • Documentation of each individual crimping force curve
  • Article retention reduces changeover times
  • Touchscreen for user-friendly operation

Remarkably flexible

  • Predefined access authorization protects critical functions
  • Universal, simple sensor enables a wide range of applications
  • Flexible interface enables usage with fully automatic wire processing machines
Cross sections

0.35 – 6mm² AWG 22 – 10

Operating voltage

24 V DC

Power supply

ext. adapter 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 24 W

Dimensions (L x W x H)

146 x 46 x 106 mm

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