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Fully automatic block loading and wire harness manufacturing to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.


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Complete range of blades for all Komax equipment.


Insulated Ferrules


Z+F wire ferrules are manufactured in various types, colours and varying cross section sizes from 0.14 mm² to 150 mm² with varying connection lengths. The twin ferrule was first created by Z+F in 1991 and has since been an overwhelming success. Z+F is proud to hold the only patent for this innovation in the world. Due to varying requirements from customers, Z+F has developed different delivery solutions. Wire ferrules are now available in single bags, multiple bags, on reel, as belt-strips, uninsulated or in assortment boxes.


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Taping machines from the KABATEC company are known for their high efficiency and economical taping of different types of cabling and wiring. Kabatec design and manufacture their products in accordance with individual customer requirements.





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Komax Mira 440/440 SF

The Mira 440 wire stripper is a great choice for wire harnesses with a large proportion of coaxial or triaxial cables. It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized series runs. The rotary flat blades ensure the high level of precision required for coaxial connectors. The Mira 440 processes single-conductor wire and multi-core cable, as well as semiflex cables in the Mira 440 SF model. The comprehensive functions, simple operation and smart design make the machine a specialist for coaxial cable processing.

Precise quality for coaxial, triaxial and hybrid cables

Highly productive, fast and functional

When the wire is inserted, the trigger sensor starts each process automatically. Versatile functions, such as trimming, offset pull-off, stripping in several steps and twisting the strands, increase the standard of quality and productivity. The sequence function enables the time-saving processing of multi-coaxial and hybrid cables, which consist of a combination of single-conductor and multi-core cables, and coaxial cables, where the components can be processed one after the other. The Mira 440 and 440 SF also have an article library. All leads can thus be processed with reproducible quality. Intelligent search and filter functions find the articles quickly – and the barcode scanner provides even faster results. Password protection prevents unintentional modifications.

Cutting-edge, ergonomic design and a user-friendly interface

A high-resolution touch screen in smartphone-style provides quick access to all the machine´s features. Supported by a dial and help texts, the intuitive user interface is fun to use and simplifies training. The user interface, including hint texts, is provided in a variety of languages, so operators with different preferred languages can use the same machine. The comfortable wrist cushion enables a relaxed working posture. Since the safety cover can be quickly removed without tools, cleaning and maintenance is much faster and easier. An ergonomic handle makes the compact wire strippers highly portable.

Mira 440 SF

Semiflex cables usually have a dip-tinned outer conductor. This outer conductor behaves differently during cutting than braid or foil layers of coaxial cables. To meet the special requirements of semiflex cables, the Mira 440 SF comes with an optimized cutting geometry.

Special discipline: Coaxial, triaxial and hybrid cables

The stripping of coaxial cables places high demands on the machine. Several thin, concentric layers are removed with a single gripper closure: insulation, metal braiding, foil and dielectric. The strip length must be exceptionally accurate as the tolerance ranges of coaxial connectors are very narrow. The Mira 440 models are perfect for these special requirements. They are also suitable for processing most wires and multi-core cables with and without shield.

Wide processing range

Covering outer diameters of up to 9 mm and strip lengths of 40 mm, the Mira models offer a very wide processing range for their class. The wire range is equally wide at 0.02 to 13 mm² and AWG 36 – 6. Thanks to the rotary incision, the machines are also suitable for most insulations such as cross-linked plastics, PVC or Teflon®. In all cases, the focus is always kept on precision.

Coaxial processing with the highest level of precision

Rotary incision has established itself as the best solution for coaxial cables. The Mira 440 and 440 SF rotary incision unit is equipped with centralizers that keep the wire precisely centered during the incision process. The smooth cutting surface of the blades is directed towards the dielectric to ensure perfect cutting quality. The strip length and incision diameter can be adjusted with a high level of precision in 0.01 mm increments.

Coaxial cable

Max. outer diameter

9 mm

Min. conductor diameter

0.15 mm

Max. number of layers


Single-conductor wire

Conductor cross section (stripping)

0.02 – 13 mm²

Conductor cross section (twisting)

0.14 – 2.5 mm² (AWG 26 – 13)

Max. conductor cross section for cutting

2 mm² (AWG 14 / OD 1.6 mm)


Max. strip length

40 mm

Maximum pull-off length

44 mm

Min. breakout length

26 mm

Increments for incision diameter

0.01 mm (0.0004 in)

Increment for strip length

0.01 mm (0.0004 in)

Gripper force


Blade type

Rotary flat blades


Sensor, touchscreen, optional foot pedal

Data interface

USB port for data backup, barcode scanner

Article library: Max. number of articles


Sequence function: Max. number of steps


Sequence library: Max. number of entries


Production rate

650 pcs/h

Electrical connection

50/60 Hz, 100 – 240 V AC, < 130 VA

User interface

5“ color touch screen, multi-touch function + dial

Ambient temperature for operation

5 – 40 °C

Dimensions (W × H × D)

141 × 290 × 473 mm (5.5 × 11.4 × 18.6 in.)



CE conformity

Conforms to the CE directives on machine safety and elec­tromagnetic compatibility.

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