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Fully automatic block loading and wire harness manufacturing to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.


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Complete range of blades for all Komax equipment.


Insulated Ferrules


Z+F wire ferrules are manufactured in various types, colours and varying cross section sizes from 0.14 mm² to 150 mm² with varying connection lengths. The twin ferrule was first created by Z+F in 1991 and has since been an overwhelming success. Z+F is proud to hold the only patent for this innovation in the world. Due to varying requirements from customers, Z+F has developed different delivery solutions. Wire ferrules are now available in single bags, multiple bags, on reel, as belt-strips, uninsulated or in assortment boxes.


Wire Handling


Komax Alpha 560 Crimp to Crimp Machine

The Alpha 560 is a powerful, fully automatic wire processing machine for one- or two-sided loading with large terminals and seals. Two stations each process conductor cross sections of up to 16 mm² (AWG 6). The Alpha 560 is extremely easy to operate and provides reliable, robust production. Operation via the touchscreen requires just a short training course and is supported by the intuitive Green Button user guidance system. This and the innovative HMI controller ensure great flexibility and short changeover times. Another outstanding feature is the fully integrated end-to-end quality monitoring from the stripping process to the finished crimp.

Alpha 560 – Powerful for conductor cross-sections up to 16mm² (AWG 6)

Wide processing spectrum

  • Reliable processing of conductor cross sections of 2.5 to 16 mm² (AWG 14 – 6) with crimp terminals up to 55 mm (2.16 in.) in length
  • A variety of processing possibilities at four or more stations (on request)
  • For large seals with max. length 21 mm (0.83 in.) and max. Ø 18 mm (0.71 in.)
  • Processing of wires up to 8 m in length (12 m on request)
  • Suitable for large terminal reels up to Ø 800 mm (31.5 in.)

High efficiency and productivity

  • Optimized work processes thanks to innovative process module setup
  • Minimal training required thanks to the clearly structured user interface Komax HMI
  • Minimal downtime due to setup directly on the module

Robustness and durability

  • Consistently high performance even in rough environments
  • Quality components from the proven Alpha 5xx platform
  • Inexpensive handling of replacement and wear parts thanks to the common parts concept

Optimal setup and operation
The innovative machine and process module setup greatly simplifies work processes. Set-up processes are automated and require only minimal training. Efficient setup directly on the module yields significant time savings. Additional operating functions at the cable-feed and on the modules simplify processes further. In just a few steps, a new wire can be requested, precisely positioned and prepared. The production process can be adjusted and optimized during operation.

Future-oriented quality concept
Fully integrated quality tools monitor the entire manufacturing process through to the finished product. The monitoring functions for the crimping process (CFA+/CFA) as well as the seal position and the strip quality (Q1240) ensure maximum quality with minimal rejects. The measurement data for the produced articles is stored locally and can be traced via a network. The optional verification and documentation of the implemented specifications ensure demonstrable quality according to industrial standards.

Simple and flawless operation with Komax HMI
Assisted by the intuitive user guidance system of the HMI operating software, the Alpha 560 can be set up in just a few steps and operated by any staff member. The open HMI interface always enables complete transparency concerning the production process. It enables the integration of external control tasks and applications.

Robust, reliable design
This solid system ensures consistent reproducibility of the products in the required quality. Powerful servomotors position the swivel arm with unrivaled repeat accuracy. The mechanical and electronic components are well protected from dirt and ambient influences and also suitable for environments with high temperatures and moisture.

C1380 crimp module for maximum productivity
With a crimp force of 50 kN, even demanding terminals can be processed with ease. Higher crimp forces are available upon request. Wire positioning directly on the module reduces the time required for setup, changeover and sampling. In the current process, the fully integrated CFA+ and CFA crimp force monitoring guarantees the highest quality with minimal rejects. A powerful cutting mechanism cuts terminal strips up to 1.2 mm (0.05 in.) thickness.

S1441 G seal module for high flexibility
The module reliably processes up to 380 different seal variants. Thanks to the automatic, intelligent seal detection function and the stored SST (Smart Seal Track) parameters, set-up time can be reduced to a minimum.

Q1240 quality monitoring for traceable, high-quality
The wear-free, optical quality monitoring function is fully integrated in the Alpha 560. The Q1240 quality tool monitors strip quality and seal insertion and automatically rejects defective products. Product quality can be traced end-to-end via statistics, image capture and the network.


Wire cross-section

2.5 – 16 mm2 (AWG 12 – 6)*

Wire outer diameter

3 – 8.5 mm (0.20 in.)

Length range

12 m (39ft) upon request, 60 – 8,000 mm (2.35 in. – 26ft)

Full stripping

max 29.5 mm (max 1.16 in.)

Partial stripping

max. 35 mm (max 1.38 in.)

Crimp force

1 – 50 kN (224-11,240 lbf.)

Process module side 1/2


Noise level

< 80 dB (without crimp tool)

Electrical connection

3 × 208 – 480 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 5.6 k VA

Compressed air connection

5-8 bar (73 – 116 psi

Air consumption Crimp / Crimp

< 7 m³/h (247 ft³/h)

Crimp-Seal / Crimp-Seal

< 11 m³/h (388.5 ft³/h)

Weight (incl. 2 crimp modules)

1.40 t (3, 087 lbs.)

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