Komax ads 112

The ads 112 wire pull machine is the perfect choice for the optimum feeding of wires from reels, Conipacks or drums. Wire is transported by two synchronous toothed belts. Wires ranging from fine to coarse are fed powerfully yet gently to the processing stations, as are non-round wires Changeovers are quick and easy. For twisted or rigid wires, an ideal supplement to the wire pull machine is a DHS1000D optical wire-sag control unit. The DHS sensors continuously record the wire sage and adjust the advance speeds accordingly.


The ads 112 wire pull machine is flexible in use and ensures that you can make take full advantage of the performance capabilities of the Komax Kappa line. The smooth feed of wires on the Komax ads 112 wire pull machine substantially boosts the output of wire processing systems. Besides transmitting forces superbly, the ads 112 features optimum acceleration and can feed even fine wires gently and without indentation.You can switch wires fast and easy and without mechanical conversions.

ads 112 Wire pull machine


  • Wire-sag control unit DHS1000D

ads 112 Wire-sag control

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