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Fully automatic block loading and wire harness manufacturing to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.


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Complete range of blades for all Komax equipment.


Insulated Ferrules


Z+F wire ferrules are manufactured in various types, colours and varying cross section sizes from 0.14 mm² to 150 mm² with varying connection lengths. The twin ferrule was first created by Z+F in 1991 and has since been an overwhelming success. Z+F is proud to hold the only patent for this innovation in the world. Due to varying requirements from customers, Z+F has developed different delivery solutions. Wire ferrules are now available in single bags, multiple bags, on reel, as belt-strips, uninsulated or in assortment boxes.


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Taping machines from the KABATEC company are known for their high efficiency and economical taping of different types of cabling and wiring. Kabatec design and manufacture their products in accordance with individual customer requirements.





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Komax Kappa 350 Cut and Strip Machine for Cables up to 120mm²

For Heavy Duty Cable Processing

The Kappa 350 belong to the latest generation of automatic cutting and stripping machines. This model is compelling in the extremely broad range of processing they cover. With the simple, flexible touch controls, even difficult to process materials can be set up quickly and easily.
The conversion to new types of cables can be done without tools so it is ultra-fast.

  • High performance
  • Innovative sensors to aid in setup and to monitor processing
  • Minimal wire loss thanks to sensor monitoring
  • Simple integration of delivery and deposit equipment
  • TopWin interface
  • Networking in company network


This powerhouse with its double-blade principle is designed for processing round conductors with a cross section of up to 120m2 and a maximum outside diameter of up to 35mm. The powerful belt drive ensures gentle processing across the entire cross section range. The sensors are combined with a length measuring encoder to provide optimum process monitoring and accuracy. Zero-cuts are automatically minimized.


The conductor diameter is automatically detected by a sensor using an inductive measuring approach. This feature greatly shortens setup and changeover and reduces operat¬ing errors. Laser and a CCD line optically measure the outside cable diameter and check that the cable is present during processing.

Periphery and interfaces

The integration of wire feeding systems, printers, active deposition units, etc. is standardized and easy. Special attention was paid to the integration and control of inkjet systems. Data backup, updates, import of CSV cable and product data are handled over a USB stick.


TopTouch is an intuitive touch screen user software modeled on the TopWin structure found in automatic crimping machines. With the integrated user prompts, Kappas are extremely easy to operate.

TopWin Kappa expands the capabilities and functions of the fully automatic Kappa cutting and stripping machines. The PC-based control software allows inkjet marking, sequence production, and part list processing. The products to be produced may be loaded directly to the wire processing machine or via a job list.

The optional interface WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Stand-ard) allows Komax machines to be networked under TopWin. With this open interface, the machine is easy to integrate into existing production sequences.

TopNet is a clearly arranged mana-gement software with functions for the centralized creation and management of parts, articles and jobs that help you to optimize your production operations.

TopConvert can be used to convert already existing job and article lists to WPCS format. These data may then be processed directly by the cutting and stripping machine.


The Komax Kappa line can be customized with various accessories to meet specific customer needs.

Feed systems

Komax 104 passive dereeler
Wire feed systems
ads 115, ads 119 and ads 123

Preliminary processing of wires

Komax 26 hot stamp marker
Komax 62 notching and slitting machine
CSU intermediate stripping module
ims 295 inkjet (BC/MC)

Deposit systems

dps 272 dual drum coiler
KRI 800 wire coiler
dps 261 Binder
dps 375 wire deposit system
KA 3000 wire deposit system
KA 6000 wire deposit system


Komax offer to you an optimal support by individual Service offers.

After-Sales Service
Production Assistance
Certified Training Courses
Feasibility Test


*The Kappa generations can process many conductors outside the indicated cross section range. Certain extremely hard, tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the indicated cross section range. In case of doubt, we are happy to produce samples of your wires.

Cable cross section, stranded wires*


Max. outside diameter

35mm (1.38in.)

Cable length range

1mm–700000mm (0.039in.–765.53yd.)

Max. wire transport speed

4.8m/s (189in./s)

Quantity range (pcs)

1 – 99 999

Max. stripping lengths

Full strip Side 1: 290mm (11.42in.) Side 2: 150mm (5.9in.)

Intermediate stripping

Quantity × max. length Programmable (no restrictions on quantity and length)

Cable monitoring (Cable detector)


Automatic cross-section detection (Conductor detector)

Standard (automatic detection of cut depth)

Noise level


Drive system

Belt or roller drive

Production table


Electrical connection

110/230VAC ±10% 50/60Hz 1200VA

Pneumatic connection

5–8bar (73–116psi)

Dimensions (W × H × D)

1090×1425×890mm (42.9×56.1×35in.)


Approx. 270kg (723.4lb)

There are no finishes for this product yet.
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