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Komax Mira 340

New With Rotary Stripping Head The Latest bench top wire stripper from Komax! High standards in precision, productivity and range of application The programmable Mira 340 is designed for universal use while maintaining maximum precision. It is perfect for processing wires and insulation material with demanding requirements. The Mira 340 is fitted with a rotary head with 4X-blades and offers…

Z&F Wire Stripper AI 01

AI 01 The basic model AI 01 is a stripping machine driven by an electric motor. Exact stripping of different insulated wires up to an outside diameter of 5 mm is possible. Adjustments are very easy to handle.

Komax Cosmic 42R

Cosmic 42R – Coaxial Wire Stripper The Cosmic 42R is the precision machine for multi-layered stripping of micro-coaxial cables. This stripping machine processes the finest conductors with speed and precision. Multi-step stripping involving up to 9 steps is part of the performance capabilities of the Cosmic 42R, as is its memory that accommodates 1000 data records.

Komax Mira 230/230 Q

Wire processing today involves a large mix of products as requirements become ever more complex. The Mira 230 and Mira 230 Q from Komax are the answer to this situation. The wire strippers deliver an extraordinarily wide range of applications, simple handling and increased productivity. With special functions and their article library, the models achieve a high level of reproducible…