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Komax Mira 32

The Mira 32 electric wire stripper is the ideal entry-level model for semi-automated wire processing when hand tools no longer meet the requirements. It is designed for wires that are used in the automotive and industrial sectors and can be stripped with V-blades. The machine with setting dials can process leads with up to 4 mm outer diameter and 25…

Komax Mira 440/440 SF

The Mira 440 wire stripper is a great choice for wire harnesses with a large proportion of coaxial or triaxial cables. It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized series runs. The rotary flat blades ensure the high level of precision required for coaxial connectors. The Mira 440 processes single-conductor wire and multi-core cable, as well as semiflex cables in…

Komax Mira 230

The smartest way to process multi-conductor cables The Komax Mira 230 is certainly not your usual wire stripping machine as you will see from the wide range of features below. We're now proud to announce that the Mira 230 has won a prestigious award! Full details can be seen here.