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WDT  UP66 Hydraulic Crimper





Hydraulic Crimp Machine UP 66
WDT Article-No. 0480-81000


This hydraulic crimp machine UP 66 has been designed for demanding applications in a difficult industrial environment. Furthermore the machine is characterized by its extremely compact design and its very low space requirement.

A standard, remote hydraulic unit with mains switch, power distribution and pump provides the required power.

The machine offers a multiplicity of possibilities for various applications with a crimp force of 150 kN and an open operating space of 100 mm in height.

WDT offers you a selection of adapters and crimp dies that enable a big range of different applications for loose piece contacts to be crimped. The hydraulic crimp machine UP 66 can easily be used for cable sizes up to 400 mm². In addition it can easily be adapted to other operations such as bending, forming, punching, cutting or other crimping operations.

A key operated switch protects basic and operating data, permitting the adaptation and safeguarding of the particular procedure for the application. The integrated memory module allows 250 different programs to be saved. The already pre-programmed operating speed of nearly 10 mm/sec. during the operating stroke and over 10 mm/sec. in the reverse stroke guaranties brief cycle times.

Productivity is additionally increased and operation is further simplified through the use of the safety foot pedal: the hands remain free to insert the contacts and wire.


 Standard Features
• Electr. safety foot pedal
• Remote hydraulic unit with main switch
• Stored program control
• Lockable user interface

Technical Data:
• Crimp force max.: 150 kN
• Wire: 0.14 - 400 mm²
• Operating space: 100 mm
• Stroke max.: 40 mm
• Air pressure: 200 bar
• Noise level: 69 dB(A)
• Dimensions machine: 290x220x510 mm
• Dimensions hydr. unit: 300x520x500 mm
• Weight machine: approx 130 kg
• Weight incl. hydr. unit approx. 165 kg
• Power: 400V, 3 Phase or 230 V, 3 Phase

Freely Programmable Features
• Crimp height
• Return height
• Pre-crimp position
• Cycle speed
• 3 different crimp cycles
• 250 programmable Memory locations

The hydraulic crimp machine UP 66 complies with the EU-Guideline 2011/65/EG (RoHS 2) and is CE compliant.

Product Details  
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With UP/U-Die 66 Adapter: Here you will find suitable die sets.