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WDT  SSC Pneumatic Crimper (Swiss Safety Crimp Machine)





SSC Swiss Safety Crimp Machine
WDT Article-No. 0481-02000

Maximum ease of use with optimum safety was the challenge when newly developing this pneumatic crimp machine for loose contacts.

Based on the proven WDT crimp machines the Swiss Safety Crimp Machine was created with the newly developed and patent protected safety mechanism. By means of a fitted safety valve, crimping is not released where the size of the opening between the impact surfaces of the dies exceeds 5.9 mm.

Consequently, there is no need to specify any safety covers to protect the operator.

Productivity is additionally increased and operation is further simplified through the use of the safety double foot pedal, the hands remain free to insert the contacts and conductors.

As a result of the innovative design the nearly maintenance-free machine needs only little space. Because of the handy construction and the light weight of 22 kg, the machine can always be transported with the help of the provided T-handle.

For the easy and quick exchange of the adapter no tools are required. Because of the ergonomic inclination of about 10° of the machine, an user-optimized working is always possible. Because of the integrated LED-Light the working area is optimally illuminated. Failures while using the machine can be avoid.

The mechanic, pneumatic safety control mechanism guarantees a 3-step crimping sequence:

Step 1
Insertion of the contact

Step 2
Contact hold-down

Step 3
Actual contact crimping cycle
With positive closing mechanism and electronic piece counter.

 Basic Equipment
• Electronic piece counter
• Pneumatic safety double foot switch
• Color coated, fourfold air hose
• Tool kit

Technical Specifications
Crimp force: starting at 9 kN t and exponentially increasing to max. 120 kN at die closure at 6 bar
Adjustable pre-crimp pressure and speed
Air Pressure: max. 6bar / 90PSI
Noise Level: 62 dB(A)
Dimensions: 280x160x280mm
Weight: 26kg

• Insulated terminals 0,25 - 6 mm˛
• Non-insul. copper tube- & sheet terminals 0,5 - 16 mm˛ (one sided W and indent crimp only)
• Non-insul. copper tube terminals and butt splices 1,0 - 6,0 mm˛ (hex crimp)
• Insulated and non-insul. ferrules 0,14 - 50 mm˛
• Screw machined contacts 0,14 - 16 mm˛
• Non-insul. Faston quick disconnect 0,14 - 6 mm˛
• All WEZAG CK100 and CS30 die-sets

The pneumatic parallel crimp machine SSC complies with the EU-Guideline 2011/65/EG (RoHS 2) and is CE compliant.

Product Details
With GAP-WEZAG Adapter: Here you will find suitable die sets for this adapter.
With GAP-CSV 10 Adapter: Here you will find suitable CSV 10 tool heads for this adapter.