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Machine Repair & Service

Small Bench top equipment - The Cheaper and Greener Service Option

A popular option for our customers is to ship small bench top machines to our workshop for service or repair. There are several benefits to this including:-

  • Lower service costs - you don't have to pay for our petrol and travelling time - saving you hundreds of pounds. Besides which, we don't like spending half the day in traffic jams!

  • Faster response time - we can usually turn machines round in 1 or 2 days - saving you down time.

  • Better quality and more thorough service / repair in our workshop - reduces the chance of further problems.

  • We have all our manuals, documentation, spares and equipment available in our workshop - making our work much easier.

  • It's much less polluting for the equipment to be shipped to us rather than us driving to you - saves all our resources!

Example of a typical full service / repair to a bench top cut & strip machine

5 hours at 50 per hour.

Plus approx 15.00 for return shipment

Total = 265.00

Additional parts will be charged extra of course. Please note we always advise clients of additional costs before carrying out extra work.


Please note, if you are shipping your machine to us, do make sure it is well packed (and insured). Please bear in mind that your machine will be repacked and shipped back in the same packing - so it must be adequate.

The following list is not exhaustive but equipment we service includes

All Komax Kappa, Cosmic, Mecal, Artos, Schleuniger, Kodera, Ideal, GLW, Gamma, Tekuwa, Ulmer, Carpenter, Kirsten, CMD, KMI, Loepfe.

Larger equipment - Service contracts available

Of course it's not always practical to ship your equipment to us for service or repair. It might be too large or it could be a smaller machine which is just about running but needs urgent attention at your site.

We can offer

  • Emergency service and breakdown contracts which will always take priority over all other types of work.

  • Scheduled service visits for preventative maintenance at pre agreed dates and times. These will take priority over any ad hoc requests.

  • Ad hoc service response for breakdowns or service. Our response time will always depend on other commitments and priorities such as service contracts with other clients.

If you have a contract with another service supplier and it is due for renewal, we would very much welcome the chance to give you our competitive quotation.

Crimp Applicator Service, Repair and Conversions

How many crimp applicators do you have on site that don't work, or at least not as well as they should do? For such a quality critical part of your production process, it's surprising how many tools are in use with worn and defective components.

Simply send your tools to us and we'll give them a thorough health check and service. Replacement parts can normally be obtained quickly and your applicator can be back on site in good working order in no time!

We also offer a tool conversion option. There are many tools sat on shelves which are no longer needed for a particular crimp terminal. Why not let us quote for converting the tool to a crimp which you are, or will be using and save money compared to buying a brand new one?


Operator and Maintenance Training

Training courses can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals or groups. The following equipment is currently covered:-

  • Komax 33, Komax-34, Komax-35, Komax-36

  • Komax Kappa 210, Kappa 220, Kappa 225, Kappa 230

  • Komax Kappa 310, 320, 322, 330, 331, 350

  • Komax 40, Komax-40S, Komax-40ST, komax-40T

  • Komax-42, Komax-43

  • Komax-30, Komax-31, Komax-32

  • Komax Gamma 311, Gamma 333 etc

  • Komax Alpha

  • Kodera C300, Kodera C350, Kodera C351

  • Mecal PE7, Mecal PE9, Mecal PE0

  • Mecal P100, Mecal P107, Mecal PE4

  • Mecal TT Crimping press

  • Mecal P107, P040, P080, P120

  • Mecal Applicator

  • Mecal Evolution Applicator

  • Mecal Stripper Crimper SC7, SC8, SC9, SC10

  • Mecal stripper crimper SC11

  • Mecal stripper crimper SC12

  • MCM Cosmic 30M, 32M

  • MCM Cosmic 927R, 927RX

  • MCM Cosmic 60R

  • MCM Cosmic 36R, 48R

  • Crimp applicators - general application and maintenance training

  • Cable processing - general application training

  • Schleuniger bench machines and applicators