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New Kappa 315 from Komax!
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New - Komax Gamma 263 S Crimp to Crimp Machine

New - Komax Mira 340 with Rotary Stripping Head!

Komax Mira 230 Wins Red Dot Award
The Red Dot Award has been a seal of quality in product design since its establishment in 1954. For this year’s award, the international specialist jury received submissions from 54 different countries. These were then individually evaluated over several days, with assessments made based on the criteria of degree of innovation, aesthetic quality, functionality, formal quality, environmental sustainability, ergonomics, durability, symbolic and emotional significance, peripheral equipment and self-explanatory nature.

The Mira 230 is a bench top machine designed for professional-level full stripping of electrical wires. It is the flagship product of the new Komax Corporate Industrial Design. This integrated approach also incorporates user interface design and ergonomic considerations.

Since last year, every product has been developed in keeping with the new Komax Corporate Industrial Design criteria. This is epitomized by the red “wire gate” in the Mira 230, which serves as both impact protection and as a branding symbol for entering the Komax wire processing world. The machines have a more harmonious look thanks to additional closed surfaces. The dark areas are for processing, while the light areas are for wire handling.

With the new product design, the latest generation of machines conveys Komax brand values such as leadership in innovation and a commitment to premium quality. Every customer will be able to immediately recognize Komax products in the future. This is of course supplemented by optimizations in the area of ergonomics that allow the user to operate the machine more easily and with less strain.

For more details about the Mira range of wire strippers click here



Leadmaker offers new products from Laselec

Due to recent collaboration between Komax Wire and Laselec SA we are now able to offer the range of Laselec products in the UK. These include laser wire stripping and laser wire marking. Both of these processes are crucial to the aerospace wiring industry. We can also now offer the EasyWiring interactive wiring boards. More details can be seen here

February 2017 First Alpha 530 crimp to crimp machine Installed in the UK

One of the leading harness manufacturers in South Wales has just completed installation of the first Komax Alpha 530 crimp to crimp machine in the UK. With its highly efficient set up, user friendly layout and robust construction, this was an easy decision to make. This company uses exclusively Komax equipment for their crimp to crimp operation and now has a fleet of machines spanning several generations of model. It is this long life expectancy, coupled with excellent support both locally and from Komax which guarantees a great return in investment.

April 2016  Komax Launches New Wire Stripper

The latest machine from Komax is the Mira 230 which stands out from the crowd with its many features, including wide range of wire sizes, sequential processing and extremely easy operating screen. Details here


February 2016 Southern Manufacturing Pictures

Thanks again to all who spent time on our stand in February this year. Despite the gale force winds which made setting up difficult for most exhibitors, it ended up being a successful show for us, with a significant increase in enquiries from last year.


Mecal & WDT equipment and Komax bt712

Komax Kappa 330, 322 & 310

Z+F Ferrule crimping machines

Sandro from Komax, Louise, Steve, Chris and Stefan from WDT Tool.

Komax Cosmic wire stripping machines

We managed to get 18 working machines set up on our stand this year!


October 2015  New Demo Room is now open!



Come and visit us to see some of the latest equipment from Komax, Mecal, Z+F and WDT

Details here


Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show in Farnborough 2015

A big thank you to all who visited our stand at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show in Farnborough!

The Komax Gamma 255 crimp & tin machine was a hit with the visitors - even if they didn't all process cable! Another big attraction was the Komax Kappa 322 which demonstrated outer and inner processing of 3 core cable.

The number of visitors was steady throughout the show with Wednesday morning being very busy.A special thank you to Sandro Holzmann, Komax Sales Manager, who helped us during the show.

After a successful show, we'll be following up all enquiries over the next few days so please bear with us.

Steve & Chris


Chris, Steve and Sandro from Komax


The Komax bt712 amongst other machines

The Komax Gamma 255 attracted a lot of visitors   Komax Kappa cut & strip machines


Leadmaker will be at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show in February 2015

To celebrate becoming the UK agents for Komax, we'll be demonstrating the following equipment at the show

Komax Gamma 255 - With fully automatic crimping and tinning

Komax Kappa 310 - Our best selling Komax cut and strip machine

Komax Kappa 322 - Processing outer sheath and inner core stripping of 3 core mains cable

Komax bt712 - Bench stripper crimper with crimp force analyser

Komax Cosmic 32M - Simple all electric wire stripper

Komax Cosmic 927RX - Strip and twist machine

Komax Cosmic 60R - Jacket stripper

Komax Cosmic 48R - Coaxial cable stripper


Mecal TT Bench press - our most popular crimping press


WDT UP14 - Pneumatic crimping press




October 2014       Leadmaker Services Appointed as New Komax Agents

Leadmaker Services are proud to announce that we have just been appointed as the UK agents for Komax.

Komax are world leaders in the manufacture of high quality cable processing equipment. They excel with innovation and are always looking ahead to the new technologies and what their customers will be needing in the future. This can only be achieved by investing a large amount of resources back into R & D and this is one of Komax's many strengths. It is this forward looking ethos that has kept Komax at the top of its industry for the past 3 decades.

As a business, we have already been closely involved with Komax cable processing equipment for many years through machine sales, spare parts and service. We feel that this is one of the main reasons that Komax have chosen us to represent them in the UK.

With direct access to the sales and technical experts at Komax, we are confident that the customer will benefit with faster response times from us, whether they need technical help, urgent spares or sales information. Now we will have the opportunity to offer a complete sales and support capability to all of our customers, old and new.

Whilst we already carry comprehensive Komax spare parts and consumables, the customer can rest assured that we will be extending this range over the coming months. We pride ourselves in holding all spares and consumables in our UK warehouse if they are ordered regularly by our customers. We understand our responsibility to keep our customer's machines running.

We are very excited about our new relationship with Komax and of course we are really looking forward to offering the full range of equipment to our UK customers. You are of course always welcome to call or email us if you have a new requirement.