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Laselec Sylade Laser Wire Stripper - New from Leadmaker






For aircraft and hard to strip cables.
The best alternative to thermal or mechanical stripping.


The technology of the Sylade 7 was developed for the aerospace wiring industry and offers a higher level of accuracy, quality and reduces production time compared to traditional tools.

The Sylade 7 has become a reference for the stripping of shielded and twisted cables and meets the new requirements of ASD EN2812, SAE AIR6894 aeronautical standards.

The Sylade 7 is available as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into an automatic production line for harness building. Additionally, Sylade 7 meets the requirements of aluminum cable stripping used in the transportation field.   Sylade 7 still offers a quality strip to insure no inner wire damage to these new families of technical cables.

Operating the Sylade 7 is very simple. The operator selects or scans the stripping program and inserts the cable. The stripping process starts automatically due to a sensor trigger.

The Sylade boosts productivity compared to traditional stripping methods. EasyStripping software allows for continuous production without the operator manually adjusting the settings.

Technical Specifications    
  • Wire size range OD: 0.9-7 mm (AWG 6-26)
  • Stripping length: 2-200 mm (0.08-7.8 in)
  • Cycle start: automatic trigger sensor
  • Laser cut: circular (single or multiple)
  • Insulation material: PTFE, Polyimide, ETFE, X-ETFE, FEP, Fiberglass, etc.
  • Interface: 3.5″ screen, USB, RJ45
  • Ambient temperature: +15C to +35C (59F to 95F)
  • Humidity: <85%, not condensing
  • Noise level: <70 dB
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 164 x 461 x 551 mm, (6.4 x 18.1 x 21.7 in)
  • Weight: <26 kg (57 lbs)
  • Electrical connection: 90-230 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Electrical consumption: < 200 W
  • Air supply: 6 bars (90 psi)
  • Fume extraction: 25 mm hose connector, air flow required >50 m3/h (30 ft3/min)
  • Conformity: CE, FDA, FCC, Class 1 laser (no goggles required)
  • Standard: EN2812, SAE AIR6894
  • Delivered with EasyStripping Config
  • Options:
    Automatic Production mode (software)
    Stand-alone fume extractor

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Sylade Machine Options
Sylade 7 Bench Top (blue 445 nm)
Sylade 7S Bench Top (violet 405 nm)
Sylade 7D Bench Top (blue & violet 445 & 405 nm)
Why Choose Laser Wire Stripping?
Over the last two decades the aerospace industrial landscape has seen a tremendous surge in laser processing solutions (cutting, welding, marking, etc.).
Electrical harness manufacturing is a booming sector driven by the strong growth of aircraft production and the race for autonomous cars (multiplication of sensors and multimedia systems, complexity of the harnesses). The use of high-precision laser solutions for marking or stripping of a lighter, technical and sensitive electric cable is constantly increasing

In recent years, cable laser stripping machines have followed a trend of sophistication, increased power, size and capacity to try to penetrate new markets in the industry. Laselec has chosen to work against the flow by relying on innovation, miniaturization, ergonomics and ease of use. Laselec has developed Sylade, a patented technology for contactless cable stripping based on laser diodes. Sylade technology is integrated in the field of aerospace cabling and offers a level of precision, quality and consistency far superior than that of traditional tools.

Laser wire stripping is establishing itself as the best solution for the stripping of shielded, twisted and multi-filament cables and meets the new requirements of the aerospace standards ASD EN2812, SAE AIR6894 updated and published in recent months.

The Sylade products available as a stand-alone or integrated in an automated harness manufacturing solution- perfectly meets the need for stripping aluminum cables used in the transport sectors as well. Their use guarantees not to damage the ultra-sensitive strands of these new families of technical cables.