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Komax Kappa 331 Cut and Strip Machine with Rotary Head
New Machine! - Ideal for In Line Coaxial Cable Processing
  • Broad range of uses
  • Great flexibility thanks to the modular design
  • Precise multi-step stripping
  • Your choice of belt or roller drive for optimum force transmission
  • Allows even demanding cables to be stripped without blade changes
The Kappa 331 is a modular cut and strip machine with a rotating blade module.
Round, multilayered cables – with and without shielding – are precisely stripped in multiple steps. The machine can be changed over quickly, making it ideal for flexible use.

Area of application

The Kappa 331 automatic cut and strip machine is used for round conductors with a cross section of 0.22 to 35 mm² (AWG23 – AWG2) and for specific applications up to 50 mm². It performs full and partial pull-off operations on individual layers and strips the outer jackets from jacketed cables with outside diameters of up to 16 mm that are with or without shielding.
The high efficiency results from the flexible configuration possibilities and the short conversion times. The Kappa 331 is ideal for work environments with highly diverse products made in large and small batches. Powerful belt or roller drives transmit forces in an optimum way for the widest various of jackets.
The machine is available as a universal machine with swivel guide or as a universal/coax machine with split guides.

Use as universal model

The universal-machine with swivel guide offers the widest range of uses. It allows you to easily program and precisely process short and long stripping lengths and individual wires, jacketed cables, coaxial cables and other multilayered cables. An inkjet marks the cable near the blade to minimize scrap. Numerous options expand the processing range even more, e.g., the slit unit or the feature for processing flat ribbon up to 16 mm.

Use as universal/coax model

This model is optimized for the precise processing of demanding coaxial and triaxial cables with stripping lengths of up to 60 mm. The highly precise rotating cutting unit, the independent length measurement system and the symmetrical layout of drives and blades combine with the split guides to create optimum conditions for this task.


  Optional split guide on right

The modular machine design allows split guides to be used to the right side of the cutting head instead of the fixed guide. The split guide supports the free end of the cable during the stripping process and opens immediately after a full strip to ensure the reliable disposal of the pulled-off insulation. This setup allows access for the further processing of inner cable layers.

Intuitive operation

With the TopTouch Kappa user interface, you can program easy and complex stripping tasks with minimal prior knowledge:

A single screen page suffices to record the entire product.
You simply press the “+” key to open predefined product templates.
The incision values are automatically calculated when you enter the cable cross section.
The quick links give you fast access to key parameters such as speed, applied pressure, etc.

Technical Details

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