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Komax Gamma 263 S Crimp to Crimp Machine
New Machine!
Komax Gamma 263 S Crimp to Crimp Machine  
  • Big output rate yet quite low investment costs for fully automatic wire processing
  • Compact and user friendly with tiny footprint
  • Ideal combination of process control, reliability and efficiency
  • Processing that is gentle on conductors thanks to belt drive and stainless steel deposit unit
  • Optimized wear parts design


Sturdy and compact, this fully automatic crimping machine has well-engineered technology that delivers a high level of process control. These traits make it a reliable and attractively priced wire processing partner for the automotive sector.
Area of application

The Gamma 263 S is designed for one and two-sided crimping and for one-sided seal loading (side 1). The new wire transport system ensures gentle processing of varying conductors with cross sections ranging from 0.13 mm˛ to 2.5 mm˛ (AWG26 – AWG12).
Cross sections of up to 4 mm˛ can be processed on request.
The new belt drive plus the reliable swivel system with optional hold-up device and a stainless steel tipping tray enable the careful and best possible processing of your cable material.


The entire cross section area is processed quickly and reliably with programmable, highly dynamic AC servo drives.
A second integrated encoder ensures maximum length and repeat accuracy for stripping and wire length.

Compact and user friendly

The compact, straightforward design ensures optimum accessibility to the processing stations from all sides. All users can work ergonomically and with an excellent overview thanks to the extra low machine table.
With the quick opening function for the cover, the modules can be accessed more quickly.
The TopWin user interface can be conveniently operated from the optional touch screen. Operators can be working productively after the briefest training thanks to the readily understandable and logical structure of TopWin.
  Sturdy and reliable

The robust design has been specially created for operation in the highly demanding production settings in the automotive industry.
Stable processing and increased accuracy are ensured by the reliable swivel system with linear lowering function, the optional hold-up device and a robust belt drive.
Tough encoders made of metal plus extra-strong dampers allow the machine to produce reliably 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Economical thanks to carefully designed wear parts

A new design for wear parts minimizes machine downtime. The guide parts are reinforced with ceramic, so they have to be exchanged only rarely. In addition, they are designed in a way that renders incorrect installation impossible when they are replaced. That means installation is quick and uncomplicated.
The belts in the belt drive are durable and can simply be turned around if need be. This feature increases the service life.

Reliable crimp technology and quality system

The tried-and-tested mci 712 and mci 722 crimp presses ensure optimum quality for crimped connections.
The reliable Komax quality monitoring systems such as crimp height measurement, pull-out force measurement, CFA/CFA+ crimp force analysis and the microscope can be seamlessly integrated.

Komax Gamma 263 S Processing Stations

Komax Gamma 263 S Processing Stations

Komax Gamma 263 S Belt Drive

Komax Gamma 263 S Belt Drive

Komax Gamma 263 S Control Panel

Komax Gamma 263 S Control Panel

Technical Details

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