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Komax Wire Handling




ADS 112

Wire Pulling Machine

  Capable of pulling wire from reels up to 100Kg. Max diameter or width of material 28mm.
ADS 115

Benchtop de-reeler

  Max reel diameter 400mm. Max reel width 250mm. Max wire core size 4mm˛
ADS 119

Cable De-reeler

  For de-reeling reels up to 100kg
ADS 123

Cable De-reeler

  For de-reeling reels up to 600kg

Passive Cable De-reeler

  Passive unit with a brake. Max reel width 500mm, diameter 500mm. Max reel weight 25kg

Cable Feed System

  For managing cable from barrels and Conipacks. Ensures a smooth interface to the processing machine.
DPS 261

Cable Binder

  For tying bundles or coils of wire
DPS 272

Coiling System

  Dual coiling for use with an automatic cut and strip machine
DPS 375

Wire Deposit System

  For conductor lengths 150-3500mm
KA 3000 6000

Deposit System

  Active conveyor and deposit system. Available in 3m and 6m lengths.

Wire Coiler

  Single coiler - especially for large cables up to 35mm diameter. Max outside diameter of coil 750mm. Fully interfaced with Komax Kappa machines.