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Our New Demonstration Room is Now Open!

We're pleased to announce that our new showroom is now open, giving you the chance to view a wide range of equipment in one place. Please contact us if you wish to come and see some of the latest bench equipment from Komax, Mecal, Z+F and WDT. We also have a range of second user equipment available to see. Of course, you are also welcome to send us your materials for testing and to produce samples.

Current machinery on show includes

Komax Kappa 310 Cut & strip
Komax Kappa 322 Processing inner and outer insulation
Komax Kappa 330 Cut & strip up to 35mm˛
Komax ads115 De-reeler
Komax Mira 230 Programmable electric wire stripper with sequencing
Komax 206 Cutting machine
Komax BT712 Fully programmable stripper crimper
Komax Cosmic 32M Electric wire stripper
Komax Cosmic 927RX Strip & twist
Komax Cosmic 48R Coax stripper
Komax Cosmic 60R Jacket stripper
Mecal TT Bench press
Mecal SC19 Stripper crimper module
Mecal Evolution Miniapplicators side and end feed
WDT UP14 Pneumatic crimper
WDT SSC Swiss Safety Crimper pneumatic crimping press
WDT AKM 405 Pneumatic jacket stripper
Z+F AI 01 Electric wire stripper
Z+F ECM 04 Stripper crimper for reeled ferrules
Z+F AM 02 Stripper crimper for loose ferrules
Z+F Crimper G Crimper for ferrules on reel
Eurocab NPU 010 Compact Pneumatic ferrule crimper
CMT112 Low cost crimp pull tester
Also second-user equipment including
Komax 34 Cut & strip
Komax 35 Cut & strip
Mecmesin M1000E Crimp Pull tester