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The New CMD G3 Range of Crimp Force Analysers


Mecal TT Bench Press with G3+

Crimp Force Analyser

Since Circuitmaster introduced the first CFM system to the market in 1992, the implementation of force analysis in the production of wire harnesses has become common place. At the heart of the system is the CFM unit. This has been developed and continuously improved for over 20 years by Circuitmaster and our products are found around the world in most manufacturing plants.
Circuitmaster have now completed the next generation of its successful CFM range, the G3, and we have included many new ground breaking features to meet the increasing quality control demands of the modern production factory. The key
features of the new system are: -

1. Ram Encoder: This eliminates false fails due to mains fluctuations affecting press speed. This filters out all press motor speed changes whilst still allowing signature analysis to take place.
2. In-Line sensor: Circuitmaster have developed a low cost in-line sensor. The further away the sensor is from the forces working on the crimp, the more unwanted forces are detected, this can cause false fails in production.
3. Evaluation Unit: The G3 incorporates a high powered modern processor at the heart of the unit. This has allowed us to automatically set zones and sensitivity of the unit. Although zone adjustment is available, it is now rarely ever needed. The above hardware features have been proven to produce a very stable and reliable force monitoring system that can be used on all production presses. It performs in harsh conditions and is very easy to set up and use in production.
4. For presses that can not incorporate either encoders or in-line sensors, there is an encoderless system and wall sensors available. However, as described above, and with all units not using encoders/In-line sensors, a reduction in performance could be expected.


Typical force curve of a good crimp


Control panel of G3 unit

Remote view of control panel