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Komax Cosmic 48R / RX Coaxial Cable Stripper

Cosmic 48R / 48RX – Coaxial Wire Stripper

  • Highly precise processing of multi-layer cables
  • Stripping in up to 9 steps
  • Twisting function
  • Uncluttered controls that are quick to learn
  • Light and portable


Coaxial connectors require especially precise processing of the conductors: The Cosmic 48R and 48RX are the ideal tools for meeting the quality requirements of connector assembly specifications.
The Cosmic 48R processes coaxial, triaxial and other multi-layered cables in up to 9 steps. The Cosmic 48RX is optimised for the stripping of semi-flexible coaxial cables.


Area of application

The Cosmic 48R and 48RX stripping machines are ideal for processing round, multilayered cables. Cuts into coaxial and triaxial cables are made precisely over the entire circumference. The cut parameters can be individually optimised.
The Cosmic 48RX is specially designed for semi-flexible coaxial cables. The optimised blade geometry ensures great cut performance even in the processing of tinned outside conductors.

Rotating stripping head with centring

The rotating blade head of the Cosmic 48R and 48RX is fitted with two blades and two centring units. This offers major advantages:

  • The centralizer positions the cable with precision.
  • The rotating blades cut the entire circumference of the insulation with precision.
  • The force needed for pull-off is reduced to a minimum as a result.


Multi-step stripping

The Cosmic 48R and 48RX insulates multi-layered conductors in up to 9 steps. The processing steps can be programmed in any desired order. The cut parameters can be independently set and optimised for every level. The stripping machines have a memory that accommodates 1000 different conductors along with all processing parameters.
The assembly instructions for coaxial connectors put tough demands on the quality with which multilayered conductors are processed. The stripping machines carry out all blade movements with absolute precision, thereby enabling the faultless assembly of coaxial connectors.

Twisting conductor tips

Twisting the tips of conductors prevents splayed stranded wires. The twisting function in the Cosmic devices prepares the cable in an optimum way for being handled during assembly or tinning.


The operation of the Cosmic 48R and 48RX is intuitive. The graphical display assists the operator with setting the processing parameters. Parameters such as the turning and feed speed, cut duration, pull-off speed etc. are presented in a straightforward table.

pdf brochure

Technical Details

Outside diameter of the

1.5 mm – 8 mm

0.08 in. – 0.3 in.

Conductor cross section
(single conductor)

0.013 mm² – 13 mm²

AWG36 – 6

Minimum diameter of
inner conductors

0.15 mm 

0.006 in.

Resolution diameter

0.01 mm

0.0004 in.

Maximum pull-off length 

40 mm 

1.6 in.

Increment of pull-off length 

0.01 mm 

0.0004 in.

Maximum stripping levels 


Cycle time

6 seconds (3 steps) 

Production rate

Approx. 600 pcs/h
(depending on conductor and programming)

Database capacity 

1000 programs 

Gripper force

Adjustable in 10 increments 

Electrical connection 

1 × 100 – 240 V | 50/60 Hz | 120 VA

Noise emitted

Type <  50 dB (A)


Dimensions (W × H × D)

136 × 260 × 580 mm

5.35 × 10.2 × 22.8 in.


10 kg

22 lbs 

CE conformity 

Complies with the EC directives on machine safety
and electromagnetic compatibility


Complies with the Restriction of
Hazardous Substances Directive, RoHS 

In case of doubt, we recommend that you have samples made of the conductors before making a purchase.