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Komax Alpha 550 Crimp to Crimp Machine

Maximum performance - Best in class productivity

  • High machine speed for the best unit cost performance
  • Fastest conversion for maximum production output
  • First-time-right: perfectly synchronized machine processes with excellent CPK results
Powerful and flexible
  • Robust and reliable processing of wire cross sections ranging from 0.13 to 6 mm˛
  • Produces special and complex applications thanks to flexible machine configuration

Ready for the future

  • Most modern, forward-looking machine technology for highest requirements
  • Integrated automatic conductor detection (ACD) for superb quality stripping
  • Equipped for future requirements thanks to quality monitoring and gentle wire processing

Precise and outstanding quality

  • First time right – perfectly synchronized machine processes enable excellent CpK results
  • Highly robust machine configuration
  • Can be retrofitted with unique quality monitoring such as ACD, Q1240 (SQC)
  • Wires handled carefully, gently during processing


Consistent high productivity and flexibility with maximum precision are the requirements fully automated wire processing has to meet, both today and in the future. The Alpha 550 – the latest fully automatic wire processing machine for two-sided seal loading – meets these requirements across the entire spectrum with revo­lutionary technology. The Alpha 550 can yield crucial competitive advantages with its unmatched unit cost performance, flexible production output and superb quality. The machine comes with an ACD automatic conductor detector as a standard feature.

At high speed for top unit cost performance

With its high processing speed, the Alpha 550 achieves the best unit cost performance in its class. All system components are designed for top performance. The processes are perfectly coordinated. For example is the conveyor belt speed in the new deposit system automatically adjusted to ensure consistent optimum throughput.

Ultra-fast conversion for maximum productivity

Simple, fast setup and conversion approaches allow short travel paths while accelerating the pro­cedures. With the touch screen, keyboard and mouse, the Alpha 550 can be oper­ated in a time-saving and ergonomic fashion. The TopWin software allows the next job to be loaded without halting operations and the material and the tool to be prepared. Indicator lamps and LED-illuminated work zones optimize and expand user guidance.


First-time-right approach for almost no rejects

Perfectly synchronized machine processes and quality assurance and monitoring functions ensure top precision and excellent CpK results. Processes are optimum thanks to the reliable EtherCAT technology.

Robust system

Powerful servomotors position the swivel arm with unrivaled repeat ac­curacy. The mechanical and electronic components are well-protected from dirt and ambient influences and also suitable for environments with high temper­atures and moisture.

Versatile options

Various options, such as the linear quick wire changer and the quick mobile terminal changer (MTC) for fast crimp tool changes, enable optimal flexible operation within the stable system.

Customer-specific and individualized

The different processing modules make it possible to have complex and individualized configurations with up to four stations. Customer-specific processes can be programmed on request.

The market leader’s quality and expertise

Komax Wire assures the maximum per­formance capability of the system by deliv­ering holistic, comprehensive quality. It considers all components and rounds out these efforts with local services globally.



Technical Details

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