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About Us




We provide a wide range of high quality, professional cable processing equipment to the cable harness and electronics industry.

Leadmaker Services began trading in October 1998. It is owned and run by Steve Tidball who has specialised in the cable and harness industry for 30 years. In 2013 Chris Tidball joined the business as technical manager.

One of our strengths is our reputation for fast and effective service and repair of small machines which we encourage our customers to ship to our workshop. We pride ourselves in the extensive spare parts we hold to carry out this work so that the customer benefits from a quick turnaround.

We are now the UK agents for Komax and Mecal. We are also agents for WDT, Z+F, Kodera, Ulmer and Loepfe.


A brief history

We started primarily with service, training and consultancy for the cable processing industry. With nearly 15 years of sales and service experience on Komax and Mecal products we quickly developed a new client base because we could offer expertise without the overheads of larger organisations.

To complement our services we began to supply a wide range of blades & crimp tooling spares and UK made applicators.

We won a number of equipment relocation and training contracts in the UK and Ireland.

The second-user equipment market began to grow and continues to be a significant part of our business today.

In 2004 Leadmaker Services was incorporated.

Also in 2004 we were awarded UK distributorship for Mecal allowing us to realise one of our major goals. We could now offer a world class range of crimping products to our clients.

In 2006 we became exclusive agents for the full range of cable stripping equipment from MCM Cosmic kk.

We recently launched a new website specifically for second user and ex-demo equipment at www.cutandstrip.co.uk

2014 sees our appointment as UK agents for Komax. We are also now UK agents for Z+F and WDT Tools.