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New Kappa 315 from Komax!
Latest Komax Wire Stripper - The Mira 340
Programmable Rotary Wire Stripper
Low Cost Crimp Pull Testers
Mecal Crimp Applicators
Insulated Ferrules
Komax Kappa 310 Cut and Strip Machine  
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Selection by Manufacturer

Komax Laselec Kabatec Mecal WDT Z&F Loepfe Kodera
Product Selection by Process
Process Equipment
Cut and Strip Komax Kappa Machines      
Crimp to Crimp Komax Crimp to Crimp      
Wire & Tube Cutting - automatic Komax Iota 330      
Wire Stripping - automatic Komax Wire End Strippers WDT Wire Stripper Z+F Wire Stripper  
Coax Stripping - automatic Komax Wire End Strippers      
Jacket & Sheath Stripping - automatic Komax Wire End Strippers      
Strip & Twist - bench top Komax Wire End Strippers      
Laser Wire Stripping Laselec Sylade      
Laser Wire Marking Laselec Markers      
Wiring Boards Laselec EasyWiring      
Harness Taping Kabatec Taping Systems      
De-reeling and Pre-feeding Komax Wire Handling      
Crimping - automatic Mecal Presses Komax Benchtop Presses WDT Pneumatic Presses WDT Hydraulic Presses
Crimping - applicators Mecal Applicators      
Turned Pin Crimping Mecal Applicators Z+F Machines    
Strip & Crimp - automatic Mecal Stripper Crimpers Komax Benchtop Presses    
Cutting - by hand Z+F Tools      
Crimping - by hand Z+F Tools WDT Hand Tools    
Crimp Analysis Komax Quality Tools      
Ferrule Crimping - by hand Z+F Hand Tools      
Ferrule Crimping - automatic Z+F Ferrule Machines      
Tinning - automatic Komax Modules      
Wire Marking Komax Marking Loepfe Hot Stamp    
Weather Seal Application - automatic Komax Modules      
Crimp Pull Testing Komax Quality Tools Low Cost Pull Tester    
Heavy Duty Crimping WDT Hydraulic Presses Mecal Presses    
Wire Coiling Komax Wire Handling      
Wire Stacking Komax Wire Handling      

Wire Twisting

Komax Twisters      
Crimp Micrography Komax Quality Tools      
Ultrasonic Welding / Compacting Komax Modules