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Komax Mira 230 Programmable Electric Wire Stripper  

News - Mira 230 Wins Red Dot Award Details

The smartest way to process multi-conductor cables

The Komax Mira 230 is certainly not your usual wire stripping machine as you will see from the wide range of features below.

We're now proud to announce that the Mira 230 has won a prestigious award! Full details can be seen here.

 Largest processing range in its class

  • Sturdily built to accommodate high cutting and stripping forces
  • Large processing range up to 8 mm²/AWG 8
  • Unique scope of functions, including sequence processing

Maximum productivity

  • Multi-conductor processing in a single pass
  • Fast access to frequently used functions
  • Function to call up stored articles for production

Reproducible quality

  • Production based on verified data stored in the library
  • Password-protected access to the settings
  • Integrated air jet for automatic blade cleaning

Smart design

  • Smart phone-like navigation for quick learning progress
  • Ergonomic design to optimize work position
  • Helpful controls for fast, easy entry of parameters

Wire processing today involves a large mix of products as requirements are becoming ever more difficult. The Mira 230 from Komax is the answer to this situation. It delivers an extraordinarily wide range of applications, simple handling and increased productivity. With special functions and its article library, the Mira 230 achieves a high level of reproducible quality. Its ability for sequence makes it the first choice for multi-conductor processing.

High cutting and stripping forces

Thanks to its robust and sturdy construction, the Mira 230 has an extraordinary processing range (0.03 – 8 mm², AWG 32 – 8). With a high level of stripping force, it can process wires with hard insulation. It has special capabilities that go beyond stripping and shortening/trimming, allowing it to handle the most demanding tasks.

Multi-conductor processing in a single work operation

Its unique ability to sequence makes the Mira 230 the first pick for processing multi-conductor cables.
In directly consecutive steps, it strips and cuts the inner conductors with a variety of parameters and without a program change. Every cable and every sequence can be stored for reproduction at any time.

Reproducible quality for maximum productivity

All recorded articles (cables and se­quences) are stored in the library. That way, the operator can retrieve the processing parameters at any time using search and filter functions. The password-protected access prevents unwanted changes. The precision mechanics of the machine minimizes variance, reduces errors and boosts quality. An integrated air jet cleans the wire cuttings off the blades automatically, thereby ensuring consistently high quality and optimum cutting performance.
Frequently used functions and secured settings are quickly accessible, which makes work processes highly efficient and increases productivity.

Well-conceived design

The big touch screen allows the device to be operated simply and intuitively, comparable to a smartphone. The well thought-out user interface helps operators master the necessary steps quickly. Functions are depicted on the screen and explained in a help text. In addition, the dial is handy for entering parameters quickly and easily. The ergonomic hand rest assures healthy, non-fatiguing work and the LED lighting in the work area provides good visibility. The smart Mira 230 has an ergonomic handle for ready portability.

Technical Specifications
Wire cross section (stripping) 0.03 – 8 mm², AWG 32 – 8 ¹)
Max. outer diameter 6.5 mm (0.256 in)
Stripping length (SL) 1.5 to 46 mm (0.06–1.81 in)
Stripping length with cutting
= 46 mm – CL* (1.81 in – CL*)
Cutting length (CL)
= 46 mm – SL** (1.81 in –SL**)
Pull off length
0.01 – 46 mm (0.0004–1.81 in)
Max. wire cross section for cutting
2 mm² / AWG 14 / ø 1.6 mm (ø0.063 in)
Increments for incision diameter
0.01 mm (0.0004 in)
Increment for stripping length
0.01 mm (0.0004 in)
Min. insertion depth with standard grippers
11 mm (0.43 in)
Min. insertion depth with thin grippers (option)
8 mm (0.31 in)
Article library: Max. number of articles
Sequence function: Max. number of steps
Typical cycle time
0.35 s
Electrical connection
100 – 240 V AC, 120 VA
Compressed air connection (air jet for cleaning)
5 – 7 bar
Screen size
Switch-on time from standby mode
< 1 s
Ambient temperature for operation
5 – 40 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
141 × 290 × 473 mm (5.5 × 11.4 × 18.6 in)
11 kg (24 lb)
CE conformity
Conforms to the EU directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

¹)  For difficult to process wires and wire diameters greater than AWG 10, we recommend you have samples made prior to purchase.
*  Cutting length
**  Stripping length 

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