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GLW EC65 Electric Crimper


The EC 65 is an ideal device to securely crimp any type of wire and cable terminals such as:

Insulated cable lugs to 6 mm2/10 AWG

Tubular cable lugs, solderless terminals to 10 mm2/8AWG

Flat tab terminals to 6 mm2/10AWG

Wire End Sleeves to 50 mm2/1AWG


The EC 65 is compact and lightweight, yet rugged enough for the factory floor. It is well suited for complex cable harness assembly applications.

The EC 65 can be operated in one of two modes.

Mode 1 operates the entire crimp process with

one depression of the foot pedal.

Mode 2 allows the user to fix the terminal on the

cable by depressing the foot pedal once. The second

depression of the foot pedal actually finishes the

crimping process. Mode 2 is used when more complicated terminals

are selected. As the die gets closed, the full press capacity is limited

to insue safety. The beginning of the press power can

be adjusted with each new terminal to satisfy crimp intergrity.

That way, damage to dies and terminals can be minimised.

Simply press a button to select the width of the

opening of each die.

Since some female terminals are more difficult to crimp,

a moveable locator can be utilised to insure proper crimping

as well as making the crimping easier and more exact.

Various standard dies are available, as well as customised dies according to users requests.

EC65 Brochure  


Weight of EC 65 device
Weight of foot pedal
Max. press capacity
Pressing time
Mains connection
Power consumption
140 x 220 x 320 mm
10 kg
1,2 kgl
10 kN
1 s
6 Digit LCD
230 V/50 Hz (120 V/60 Hz)
160 VA